Experience a Wine Tour in the Biblical Garden


Discover the charm of exclusive vineyards with our private wine tasting tour.


Total duration of the tour, including transport is around 3 hours

Meeting Point

The Meeting point is agreed per request


The experience is hosted in English

Experience Details


What the tour includes:

1. Explore the Biblical Garden:

Welcome to the Biblical Garden! Here, amidst the tranquil ambiance, you’ll discover not only the symbolism of the garden and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Stomorija but also a rich tapestry of ancient historical plants. Wander through rows of pistachio trees, fig trees, and olive groves, breathing in the fragrant air perfumed with rosemary, laurel, and sage. Immerse yourself in the sensory delight of the past as you learn about the significance of these plants in biblical times.

2. Stroll to the Kuzmanić Vineyard:

As you sip on fine wines, take a leisurely walk with us to the Kuzmanić Vineyard, enveloped in the serene beauty of the landscape. Along the way, admire the lush greenery and traditional stone terraces, while learning about the indigenous Kaštela grape varieties cultivated in this historic vineyard.

3. Return to the Biblical Garden:

After the vineyard tour, we’ll return to the Biblical Garden, where you can reflect on the intertwining narratives of history, culture, and nature. Take a moment to appreciate the significance of these ancient plants and their enduring presence in the Mediterranean landscape.


  • Start Time: Every day 12:30
  • Meeting Point: Northern Gate of the Palace (The Golden Gate)
  • Price Includes: professional wine presentation, family vineyard, tasting room, sea view terrace, 3 wines to pair with Dalmatian snacks, Optional outdoor or indoor, transfer to the vineyard and back to Split
  • Personally guided tour: Throughout the journey, our tour is led by the passionate owner of the winery and a knowledgeable heritage interpreter, both adorned in traditional attire. They will enrich your experience with insights into the historical and cultural significance of the plants and wines you encounter along the way.
  • Minimum Reservation: 4 person